Villan’elle (après tout)


I am darkest, moonless night

meteors rip me now and again

shattered black, painful light.


the black is calm–blinding white,

worst is never knowing when

I am darkest, moonless night


and black is balm, left to write

nothing inks beneath my pen

shattered black, painful light


dreadful truth in rigid sight

back forever faithless friend

I am darkest, moonless night


you are grey, and thus finite

soulless proof of time ill spent

shattered black, painful light


a night will neither fight nor flight

such affairs are made of men

I am darkest, moonless night

shattered black, painful light

the new love poems

Lizard brain


crocodile tears


instead of later

installing easy rock


for greater portability

with myPods

killing off natural good looks

since died is much preferred.

died, tried, cried, tied,

he’s in a position to know

bound by genderfication

you’d think he’d prefer just the opposite in a mate

but no.

he wants his


chemically altered—

teetering in heels,

spanked in panties




and above all colored

stamped out by the million

–these beauties—

posse approved


that stays in the corner

–while he plays Geisha

Gangnam Style

shoes too small for his


I thought I was beautiful

–he showed me that I was not.


I thought I was clever

–he disproved that also.


I thought I was worthwhile

–he spit on my value.


I thought I was a nice person

–he taught me how not to be.


I thought I was a winner

–he turned my inner winner upside down.


Gee, he is such a much better person than I am

–lucky him, and his stellar reflections.


People prey on the weak…

so even if you have been emotionally abused

within an inch of your


you must pretend you are fine.

People are vultures.

they have sympathy for other species–

not their own kind.

the only time that term applies.

what you want

you are the


in powerful

–is it a wonder you got

an earful?



in backwards land,

and not even that technical,


the shiver and


up limber spine

–tell me.

Do you really mean to discard that?

electricity untested,

round unswung,

back against wall


have you a surfeit of


emotion then?

have any of us?